Grand Opening

Welcome to Corn Happens! It’s more than a slogan, it’s an attitude.

Conrad is here to help wipe away life’s annoyances through humor. Don’t let disappointment and frustration stop you. Join Conrad in adopting the Corn Happens! attitude in your life. When annoying stuff happens, wipe it off and move on. Visit the Meet Conrad page to see the different personas and attitudes you can use.

Plant a seed and contact Conrad. This page is where you can contribute and share new ideas, jokes, and your very own Corn Happens! stories. Here you can send in joke suggestions and stories about how you’ve used the Corn Happens! attitude in your life. Your submission might just make it into the Cornfield.

The Cornfield is where you will find comic strips and examples of applying the Corn Happens! attitude to daily situations. Subscribe and be notified when new comic strips and blog posts are available. The Cornfield is a place where we grow ideas, post comic strips, real-life Corn Happens! examples and future project announcements.

Last but not least, visit the Corn Happens! Store to show your support and adoption of the attitude. Your support will truly help this attitude grow. There are many items available you can purchase to show-off to the world that Corn Happens! and nothing can stop you.

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