Our Services

Corn Happens! will bring your products to life.

In conjunction with ADP’s Minimovies, Corn Happens! will bring your products to life. We are more than an entertainment creator. Commission a Corn Happens! custom service, and join our tutorial community.

Corn Happens! Customs

Let us assemble, remodel and paint your gaming miniatures, model trains, toys or anything you can imagine. Let us create stop motion animations for your products, models or services. Have us add visual effects to your current videos and photos and add life to your products.

Tutorial Demonstrations

Offering tutorial videos to the novice hobbyist. Demonstrating methods of achieving the desired outcomes while enduring mistakes along the way. Corn Happens! in the hobby world as well and learning from crafting mistakes makes future projects better.

Custom Services
  1. Tabletop gaming, scale trains and model assembly and painting
  2. Stop Motion Animation for your services and products
  3. Visual effects for your hobby videos and Instagram posts
  4. Product promotions and commercials
  5. Animated Unboxing videos
  6. Photoshop image enhancement


Just how I envisioned. New and improved Johnson & Johnson, thanks to ADPSminimovies!


Let’s get to work.