Meet Conrad the Corn


He’s a happy-go-lucky piece of corn. He can be crushed, eaten or tossed out, but he’ll always be back. He’s indestructible. Tough. Resilient. He learns from disappointment and frustration. He bounces back, wipes himself off and continues on his way!

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The Many Faces of Conrad

Terminator Conrad

Like his name suggests, he’s an indestructible force. Disappointment and frustration are terminated by his attitude. Frustration can knock him down, chew him up, swallow him whole and try to digest him. But he will be back every time, looking just like new.

Scuba Conrad

As an experienced diver, Conrad can swim through the bowels of life. He makes his way through life’s sewage of disappointment, looking fresh and clean (he thinks he’s recyclable). He enjoys an occasional underwater reunion with family and friends.

Paisan Conrad

He has the finesse and pizzazz to help you get over your frustrations. He’s your wise neighborhood corn with seasoned advice. He wants people to get over things and find the lesson in all situations.

Skater Conrad

He tries his best but the only trick he can land is a face-plant. He can’t stick any trick to save his skin, but he is a tough kernel and keeps trying. Skater Conrad never gives up. He skates everyday and has the bruises to prove it.