This page is dedicated to my works of art for both ADPs Mini Movies and Corn Happens! Customs.

Commissions & Customs

A display of my works that were commissioned and sold as custom gaming pieces, toys or model trains.

Wargaming Assembly & Painting

This gallery is a display of my work in the wargaming arena. I’ve painted hundreds of miniatures, vehicles, terrain pieces and custom dioramas.

Corn Happens! Designs

This gallery is dedicated to the original Corn Happens! designs and logos which are available for purchase on various forms of apparel and merchandise.

Film Work

My passion is combining Filmmaking with Wargaming. Here are some examples of the film work I’ve done as commissions and promotions for others.

Toys & Photography

This gallery demonstrates the work I’ve done converting toys. For these projects I either simply repainted the item or I added customizations and an updated paint scheme.

Model Trains

O Scale train conversions has been added to my portfolio over the past few years. This gallery is dedicated to the work I’ve done customizing train cars and structures.